Source code for kubemen.connectors.base

import logging

from import cast

def _filter_prefix(d, prefix):
    """Yield formatted key-values pairs when key matches a prefix"""
    for key, value in d.items():
        if key.startswith(prefix):
            key = key.replace(prefix, "")
            key = key.lower()
            key = key.replace("-", "_")
            yield key, value

[docs]class Connector: """Base class for all connectors Connectors must implement the :meth:`~Connector.send` method. Any option related to this connector found in the environment or in the annotations will be added as an attribute of the instance itself, and thus accesible throught ``self`` inside :meth:`~Connector.send` (or any other method). Only environment variables and annotations that are prefixed with the connector's name are taken into account. Since both environment variables and annotations can only be represented as strings, their values are automatically casted in the type defined by the default value in ``_ (or kept as string if their is no default value). For example, a ``Foo`` connector can be configured through the environment with the ``FOO_`` prefix. ``FOO_BAR_BAZ=1`` would result in ``Foo().bar_baz``` being ``1``, as integer or string depending on the default value in ``_. Then it could be overriden later with an annotation of a watched resource: `` 1``. :param dict environment: Environment variables that might configure this connector :param dict annotations: Annotations that might configure this connector .. _``: #module-config """ def __init__(self, environment, annotations): name = self.__class__.__name__ environment_prefix = self.__class__.__name__.upper() + "_" for key, value in _filter_prefix(environment, environment_prefix): setattr(self, key, value) annotations_prefix = self.__class__.__name__.lower() + "." for key, value in _filter_prefix(annotations, annotations_prefix): try: current_value = getattr(self, key) except AttributeError: message = "'{}': unkown option '{}', ignoring option" logging.warning(message.format(name, key)) continue try: value = cast(current_value, value) except ValueError: message = "'{}': can not cast '{}' to '{}', ignoring option" logging.warning(message.format(name, key, type(value))) continue setattr(self, key, value) logging.debug("{}: {}".format(name, self.__dict__))
[docs] def send(self, change, character, user): """ :param change: What changed on Kubernetes :type change: :class:`~kubemen.models.Change` :param character: A random Watchmen character :type character: :class:`~kubemen.models.Character` :param user: The user that modified the resource :type user: :class:`~kubemen.models.User` """ raise NotImplementedError